Sunday, April 23, 2006

Wonkitorial: In The End, Who's Really Accountable?

Now that oil is trading for over $70 per barrel, I've been hearing a lot of complaining about high gas prices.

But before we start looking about for rocks to throw at the nearest oil company executive, consider how much of the per gallon price is due to taxes imposed by
various governmental entities. Here in California's "Imperial" County, that adds up to some 50 cents per gallon. Then, to add insult to injury, both state and county collect sales taxes totaling 7.25% on the total. (Yes, that's a tax-on-a-tax.)

Spare a moment or two to think about who is really responsible for setting those tax rates as well as our overall energy policies.

Here are some questions that may be worthwhile to ponder:

1. Who'd you vote for in the last election?

2. Who are you going to vote for in the next election?

3. Was the person you voted for an incumbent?

4. And will the person that you vote for in the next election also be an incumbent?

5. If the answers to questions 4-5 are yes, and you are one of those who is complaining about the high price of fuel or the ineffectiveness of government in general, then who is really to blame for the situation in which we find ourselves?

When incumbents start actually fearing that the electorate will throw them out of office for unsatisfactory performance, (unlike the
present situation) then we'll finally get a government that is responsive to the needs of those who work for their money rather than those whose money works for them.

And that goes for both major political parties.

When it comes to the government that our country gets, "We are the deciders."

Accountability should be extended to all who work in the public sector, most especially our elected officials.
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