Saturday, April 22, 2006

HBO's Queen Elizabeth I

Tonight, England's Queen Elizabeth I will be getting the HBO treatment.

Part I of their two-parter about Good Queen Bess is set to air at 8:00 PM, (Eastern) with the conclusion scheduled for Monday evening. For those of us living out here in the west, the show is to be rebroadcast on HBO-W.

I hope that HBO does a better job with this effort than they did with last year's somewhat disappointing (In
our opinion) Rome.

As for the critics, The Washington Post's Tom Shales gushes while over at The Boston Herald, Mark A Perigard calls for the Queen's overthrow.

Stay tuned.

Update:(4/23/06) Commenter Mike in Texas summed-up my feelings nicely when he said, "I watched it and thought it was a typical HBO production, filled with lots of blood and gore. It certainly wasn't anything you could show in a history class."
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