Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Science And Technology Tuesday: Marathon Science

A high school science teacher in India must have surely set some sort of record for teaching this 108-hour non-stop science class:
NAHAN: It has been a real test of nerves for 16 students, five of them girls, who sat doggedly through their science class for 108 hours at a stretch at the government high school in Moginand village, Himachal Pradesh.

Surviving on oranges and glucose for four days, the class nine students between the age group of 14 and 16 did not take time out during this marathon class. Their teacher Sanjeev Atri also stood through the extended period, giving them basic lessons in science.

Beginning on March 18 at eight in the morning, the class concluded at 8 pm on Tuesday. Atri said he took up the challenge in order to caution students against the harms of tobacco and gutka. "Through these students I wanted to spread the message to others in the state," he said.
I wonder if any lessons were presented illustrating the effects of sleep deprivation?
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