Monday, March 20, 2006

The Politics Of Alienation?

Washington EduPolicy think-tank Education Sector's voice in the EduSphere, has an exclusive about how the Washington EduCracy has once again allowed an opportunity to win friends and influence people slip away:
Amazing, they're a gang that can't shoot straight either. For some reason the Bush Administration seems hell bent on undermining the one high-profile thing that is going well for them right now. Either unbeknownst to the Department of Education (sloppy) or with their knowledge (stupid), last week the Bush Administration Department of Justice weighed-in against the Connecticut NAACP's motion to intervene in the lawsuit there. That's right, though they somehow managed to keep it out of the press: The Bush Administration stiff-armed the NAACP when the NAACP was on their side! In other words, state makes grandstanding lawsuit against No Child Left Behind, NAACP moves to weigh-in on behalf of the Bush Administration, and the administration says no thanks!
Read the whole thing.

I've got admit that lately the Administration seems to be unable (or unwilling) to answer the door when opportunity comes knocking. I'm doubly surprised that the usually politically saavy Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings (aka The Queen of All Testing) seems to have missed a big chance here.
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