Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Need For Nanny-Cams Demonstrated

A father had became suspicious that his children's 15-year-old male babysitter might be up to no good. He was:
A teen baby sitter in Central Florida was arrested after a parent's hidden camera videotaped him forcing two 8-year-olds to perform sex acts on him, according to investigators.

Flagler County detectives said the father of two children who Brandon Jaffe, 15, was baby sitting recently decided to set up a surveillance camera to watch the 15-year-old and his kids.

The video captured Jaffe forcing the young children to perform oral sex on him, a police news release said.

The high school student faces 11 felony counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a child.

"These type of cases require us to be very meticulous in collecting evidence. We will continue to review all facets of this case until the investigation is completed," said Flagler County Sheriff Donald W. Fleming.

Detectives in Flagler County believe there may be more alleged victims.

Anyone with information about the case is urged to call the Flagler County Sheriff's Office.
I believe that President Ronald Reagan said more than he knew when he coined popularized the expression, "Trust but verify." When it comes to protecting our young children from these monsters, I don't think that one can be too careful.
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