Monday, February 06, 2006

When EduBlogs Engage

There's a very interesting back-and-forth that's been going on between Education Sector's and the American Federation of Teachers' NCLBlog. A little bit of Mr. Sun, the New York Charter School Association's Chalkboard and AFT's New York affiliate's Edwize have also been thrown into the EduDiscussion: (Presented in approximate chronological order; use "Back" button or "Open in New Window.")

1. NCLBlog's posts
one and two of Wednesday, February 01.

2. Eduwonk's
post of Wednesday, February 01.

3. NCLBlog's responses to Eduwonk
here and here, Thursday, February 02.

4. Eduwonk's response to NCLBlog, Thursday, February 02.

5. Mr. Sun's
post of Friday, February 03.

6. The Chalkboard's post of Friday, February 03.

7. Eduwonk's post of Friday, February 03.

8. NCLBlog's response to The Chalkboard, Saturday, February 04. (Consider scrolling down and reading the comments.)

9. Eduwonk's post of Monday, February 06.

10. Eduwonk's post of Wednesday, February 08.

11. Edwize's post of Thursday, February 09.

12. Edwizes's post of Sunday, February 12.

13. Eduwonk's posts here and there of Monday, February 13.

14. The Chalkboard's post of Monday, February 13.

Unlike Mr. Sun, I can't write poetry, limericks or otherwise. If I could, I would surely do something with Mr. Sun's "Little Red Schoolhouse" and "Blogback Mountain."
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