Saturday, February 25, 2006

Legalized Discrimination?

In Hawaii, admissions to one of the richest private school systems on the planet is based upon race. As the organization behind the school has billions of dollars at its disposal, watch for this to go all the way to the United States Supreme Court:
The Kamehameha Schools admissions policy is being given another chance before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, with the federal court announcing on Wednesday the full court will allow an “en banc” review by all 15 judges.

The court’s announcement invalidates a ruling issued by a three-judge panel on Aug. 2 last year that found the Kamehameha admissions policy giving preference to students of Hawaiian ancestry violates federal anti-discrimination laws.

The 2-1 decision of an appeal on behalf of a non-Hawaiian student who was denied admission in 2003 set off a round of public protests in the islands from Kamehameha Schools alumni and supporters.

Officials defend the admissions requirement as a tool to address social and economic disadvantages Hawaiians have endured since the 1893 U.S.-backed overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy.
There is much more in the whole piece. Darren has additional commentary over there.
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