Thursday, February 16, 2006

Here's Some News From Eduland

The Mysterious Alice in Eduland continues her sojourn as guestblogger over at Education Sector's Here are a couple of more jewels that we picked-up earlier today while dodging the Jabberwock at our junior high school. These are excerpts. Consider reading the whole posts:
Painting the Roses Red:

A busy afternoon today, the Queen of Hearts has got everyone busy painting the roses red in anticipation of this week's visit by the Superintendent. We were busily changing bulleting boards, preparing legible lesson plans, and posting rubrics and discipline plans to create the rooms that the Queen wants the Superintendent to see. And, I assume, to disguise the rooms we actually teach in?

Ten Feet Tall?

The bottle says "drink me" and it looks so delicious New York Times talks about some charter schools popping up around the country, particularly in urban areas packed with under-performing schools like mine. Many of my nearest and dearest have jumped the district's sinking ship for a chance to have more control over how they teach. They say it's wonderful and that every bit of satisfaction that they felt before is multiplied tenfold.
She's simply Irresistable.
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