Monday, February 06, 2006

Banning "Tag" In Elementary School

In a Spokane, Washington elementary school, students are no longer allowed to play "tag" on the playground. The kids aren't giving-up without a fight:
A controversial decision by the principal of Spokane, Washington's Adams Elementary has some students and parents a little upset.

The principal says students are getting too rough when playing the game "tag" and as a result, the game has been banned.

A third grader has decided to take on the decision. Kubby, Raven, and Winter all enjoy a game of tag but this favorite family game is not allowed at their school.

Mom, Jamie Boyd, sees no problem with it. She says she played the game herself as a kid. But Adams Elementary Principal Mary Weber says there is a problem with the game of tag. She says too often kids turn the friendly game into a pushing and shoving war. And although tag was banned even before Weber became the new principal last year, she had to remind students once again tag is out.

The ban is not taken lightly by Kubby.

That's why he started a petition and got his friends to sign. He hopes this will change the principal's mind and the long-standing policy against tag. Win or lose mom says it's an important lesson learned about the game of life. Several other schools in the district say they also have banned tag for the same reasons as Adams Elementary.

The schools that allow tag to be played say students have to follow certain guidelines such as no pushing or shoving and playing only on soft-grassy areas.
I have to admit that I'm tickled to see these youngsters assert their First Amendment right to petition the government for redress of grievances. I hope the "government" negotiates a satisfactory arrangement with these young activists.
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