Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Calling All Teachers!

Hey teachers out there...did you ever wish your principal or superintendent was a regular reader of one of your favorite blogs?

Now I don't mean those blogs that spend their time beating up on the bosses, but I mean those blogs or websites that would inform, educate, challenge, critique and yes, sometimes even "tweak" an adminstrator from time to time. You know, a blog site with ideas that you think would actually improve our educational system if legislators, policymakers and even administrators were reading and listening.

If so, send your link to Dr. Mark J. Stock at mstock@wawasee.k12.in.us Or drop a comment at his blog site, The Wawascene.
Or leave a comment here and Dr. Stock will see it when he drops by.

Dr. Stock has been asked to author an article in a national magazine on blogging in education. He is compiling a short list of websites and blogsites that administrators might find useful. The article will be published this spring.

Submissions for The Carnival Of Education are due by 10:00 PM (Eastern) tonight. Get entry instructions here. See our latest posts, over there.