Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The School Of Optimal Use

Here's a contradiction: Many school buildings in the Washington area are under-utilized (or not used at all) and yet the city's public charter schools are left scrambling for space due to overwhelming demand from parents to enroll their children in these schools.

School officials seem amicable to the idea of turning over surplus property to the public charters.

However, disgraced ex-mayor,
convicted crack cocaine user, admitted tax-evader, and jailbird current D.C. Council member Marion Barry has other ideas for some of that surplus school property:
In Ward 8, for example, some community activists and council member Marion Barry (D-Ward 8) want to see the Old Congress Heights School become a community and senior center. Barry has introduced legislation saying that "economic and other policy factors'' should be taken into account in deciding the future use of the building. There will be a hearing on Barry's legislation Thursday.
Luckily for the children of our Nation's Capital (and unfortunately for Mr. Barry) current guidelines give charter schools priority for the use of "surplus" school property. I can certainly understand the need for a "community and senior center," but those nebulous "economic and other policy factors" should not be placed ahead of our kids' education.
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