Friday, December 02, 2005

Once Is Enough For Most

Thank goodness that classroom teachers only have to go through their first year once:
I spend so much of Sunday afternoon rereading books, planning lessons and racking my brain for engaging and “fun” activities. And then I spend Monday morning looking over all my plans and praying that they will work. You just never know.

Two Mondays ago I was so nervous going into class that I actually broke out in hives. Last Monday I was not so nervous, not so sure why? This Monday I was not so much nervous as I was anxious. I just wanted to get into the classroom to see how my lesson would go. The not knowing, I’ve found, is what makes me so nervous and anxious.

Will this change as I get further and further into my career?
To answer the New Teacher's question: I believe that classroom teaching is much like farmwork. There's always something that needs to be done and the job will take all the time that one gives it. (and more)

The challenge for any teacher is finding the right balance between The Teaching Life and The Personal Life.
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