Monday, November 14, 2005

Mamacita Tells It Like It Is!

There are a number of students at our junior high school who are urgently in need of this letter:
Dear Student Who Was Reading A Novel Instead Of Paying Attention In Class:

Glad as I am that you are reading for pleasure, please put your novel away until class is over. If you think I embarrassed you today, just you wait.

If you don't believe me, ask the student in the class before you, who was reading a newspaper while I was lecturing.

It was the third time he got it out that set me off.

Yeah, that third time is a charm, all right.


Mrs. Mamacita
Consider going and taking a look at the post-script as well her thoughts about those teachers who devote a little too much class time to "authorized" sustained silent reading.

I tend to agree with Mamacita's thoughts about sustained silent reading. A little S.S.R. is a good thing. Too much of it is a poor usage of valuable instructional time.

At our school, it is rare for a kid to be surreptitiously reading a novel. He or she is far more likely to be taking an in-class peek at a magazine.
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