Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Looking For Mr. And Ms. Goodblog

The Washington Monthly's blog The Political Animal, is looking for a few good EduBlogs. Even though they know about Joanne Jacobs and Eduwonk.com, (both of which are among the very best) the Animal doesn't seem to know where the rest of the EduBlogs are.

But The Political Animal's search need not be a difficult task or an exercise in futility. All that they need to do is take a look at our EduSphere Blogroll or any edition of the weekly Carnival Of Education. The complete midway archives of may be found here.

EduBlogging is a team effort in which everyone on the team wins, be they writers, readers, or both. Every time I take a look at someone else's EduBlog, freely exchange thoughts and ideas with a commenter, or do research for one of our own posts, I learn something new.

And learning something new is the essence of EduBlogging.

To everyone out there in cyberspace who helps make all this possible, we offer our heartfelt Thanks.
Submissions for The Carnival Of Education are due by 9:00 PM (Pacific) tonight. Please send them to owlshome [at] earthlink [dot] net. Visit last week's midway right here. See our latest posts, over over there.