Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fun With The Law

Every now and then, (When we've had a particularly tiresome day in the classroom.) we like to take a look at some of the laws that our various governmental entities have enacted for the purpose of helping teachers teach students. If only school administrators had the fortitude to enforce them. Today's fun selection is from the California Code of Regulations, (CCRs) Title 5, Section 300:
"Every pupil shall attend school punctually and regularly; conform to the regulations of the school; obey promptly all the directions of his [sic] teacher and others in authority; observe good order and propriety of deportment; be diligent in study; respectful to his [sic] teacher and others in authority; kind and courteous to school mates; and refrain from the use of profane and vulgar language."
As of this year, our school's administrators have indicated that teachers can no longer require students to report to our classrooms for after school help with their assignments or disciplinary detention.

I wonder if it's only a coincidence that for the first time in my teaching "career" some 20-30% of my students don't even attempt to do a ten-minute homework assignment.

And yet, as a classroom teacher, I alone am held "accountable" for each student's academic progress.
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