Friday, November 11, 2005

Business As Usual At New York's Horace Mann School

New York's elite Horace Mann School (The annual tuition for grades k-12 of this day school is $27,350) is holding classes on Veterans Day. The school's calendar or website made no mention whatsoever of any special program or other observance of this very special day of remembrance.

So I guess the message that Horace Mann is sending to their students as well as our veterans is unmistakable.

Even though Horace Mann doesn't honor our nation's veterans, they do make a great effort to celebrate diversity.

But then again, didn't the men and women of our armed forces sacrifice to defend the freedom of people such as this to run their exclusive school any way they see fit?

On the other hand, our nation's Armed Forces also stand ready to defend our freedom to express our intense dislike of this school's policy of choosing to not commemorate our veterans' contributions to the preservation of our way of life.

Update: (PM) One of the commenters was curious to know why we were so "harsh" on Horace Mann. A quick perusal of their calendar will reveal that the school closes for all other legal holidays, including Columbus Day, King Day, and 2 separate President's Days, as well as several Christian and Jewish holy days. Only the veterans were excluded. As one who has worn our Nation's uniform, I resent that exclusion.
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