Monday, November 14, 2005

British Bad Manners

Here's the story of 15-year-old British student Danielle Price who got beat-up by the local girl gang because she earned academic awards.

The really disturbing thing is that even though the attack occurred a week ago, no criminal charges have yet been filed against the miscreants who did all the damage that visible in the photo. The assailants were simply "suspended from lessons" for a few days. The malefactors are due back in school today.

The school's administration said the suspension was "appropriate action." Apparently, none of the attackers will be expelled.

When are policy-makers both here and over there going to treat the physical bullying of kids in or near schools for what it is? It's a criminal act, not a "rite of passage" that must be endured by the unfortunate victims.

No kid should ever, under any circumstances, go to school in fear of his or her physical safety. Anything less does a grave disservice to both children and their parents.
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