Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ethical Dilemma

Newoldschoolteacher has posted some examples of poorly-written student work over at her place. Here is a sample:
"1 thing i liked about the book "[Title]" was that she kept on fighting for freedom and never gave up no matter what happen. She stood strong even when she witness her fathers die. I really didn't have any dislike's about the book. I would really recommand this book to other 11th graders." and is wondering whether or not it may have been unethical to do so."
Here's the dilemma that Newoldschoolteacher is wrestling with: Is it unethical to post examples of student work in order to illustrate a point?

I'm of the opinion that as long as the work cannot be identified as having been written by, or associated with, any individual student or students, then confidentiality is safeguarded.

One of the most positive aspects of EduBlogging is the fact that it greatly facilitates the free exchange of thoughts and ideas regarding best educational practices.

Before we can effectively propose and debate solutions to the challenges that we face as educators, we must first identify those concerns that need to be addressed.

Still, we must exercise the utmost care to protect our students' privacy.

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