Monday, September 26, 2005

Isn't That Special?

Our good buddies (Heh) over at The National Education Association have posted an article in their monthly propaganda organ magazine, NEA Today on teachers who blog.

A number of teacher-written blogs are profiled, particularly those who have been friendly toward the NEA and its policies. Interestingly, they published an excerpt from
Hipteacher, who hasn't posted anything at all since May.

But as you might expect from an organization that won't even allow it's rank-and-file to vote for their own state/national leadership, or have any say in how much they are forced to pay in the form of dues and agency fees, President Reg "Boss" Weaver's minions paid shills don't bother to list even one single site that has dared to question NEA's stifling of dissent autocratic leadership model or their complete lack of financial accountability to their dues-paying membership.

But who would ever expect the NEA to offer any of its members a forum for the expression of dissent?

Like an NEA-sponsored blog, perhaps?

Unlike the American Federation of Teachers' highly-regarded blog Edwize, (Sponsored by AFT's New York City affiliate; see our sidebar.) don't look for the NEA to have a comments-enabled blog anytime soon. We have developed quite a bit of respect for UFT's Edwize precisely because they do tolerate, and even encourage, the expression of dissenting points-of-view from both members and the general public.

Ed's Note To Boss Weaver: C'mon Reg, start an NEA-sponsored blog that allows folks to comment. It would be such a "gas."

We dare you.
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