Saturday, August 27, 2005

What Is It With These Guys?

Yesterday, it was Illinois superintendent Thomas E. Ryan who was arrested and charged with stealing from his own district. Today, it's American University President Benjamin Ladner who's alleged to have had his hand in the school's till: (emphasis added)
The investigation, which is being conducted by outside lawyers and auditors, was revealed by The Washington Post early this month. The Post reported that it had received an anonymous letter — also apparently sent to board members — with allegations about spending by Ladner. According to the letter, Ladner used university funds to pay for the use of a French chef, an engagement party for his son, trips to Europe, and $200,000 in drainage and landscaping work at his home.
I supposed that they must've found some meaningful evidence to substantiate the allegations, as the board of trustees has placed Ladner on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

While the board statement did not say so, the spokeswoman said that the president’s leave is a paid one. According to Internal Revenue Service records, Ladner’s salary was $633,000 last year.

EdWonk's note to pilfering school administrators: Stealing is wrong. It's bad. Very bad! Don't do it! If you get caught, you will get into trouble.

Maybe nobody taught you that at home and you weren't paying attention in kindergarten.

Heh. On the other hand, maybe they just couldn't help themselves.
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