Thursday, July 21, 2005

Free Northwestern University's Fashion Slaves!

What choice of footwear would some stylish young women of privileged backgrounds choose when they go to meet the President of The United States? A little something in a pump with a walking heel, perhaps? Oh No! How old fashioned!

The female lacross team of Northwestern University may have had a winning season, but someone needs to liberate these slaves to fashion and remind them that sometimes, there really are occasions when it's important to dress up.

Here is what
The Manolo says about this whole affair:
What can the Manolo possibly say to this, except to note, as he has noted in the past, that we live in the sadly debased era, when the standards of the proper dress and the fit comportment have become the mere suggestions, to be observed or not observed at the whim of the individual.

These girls they do not know–their mamas have not taught them–that properly dressing according to the occasion, it is about the respect; respect for the occasion, respect for the other persons present, and respect for the self.

Yes, the Manolo he is most happy we live in the age of democratic informality, when the humble need not bow and scrape before the mighty, when free peoples may greet each other in the spirit of amity and concord as equals. Yet, at the same of the time, he cannot help but think that we have gone too far in this process of the levelling.

To the mind of the Manolo, the somewhat exaggerated politeness and more formal dress of the previous era gave the dignity and proper sense of self to even the most humble. To put on the suit and tie and shined shoes, to wear the dress and stockings and pumps, these things they recalled one to correct behavior, and demanded of others the respect.

Now, we wear the flip-flops and the shirts of the Hawaiians to the church, and to the funerals, and to meet the Mr. President in the House of Whiteness, and we think that this it is fine, but this it is only because we have forgotten the pleasures and social benefits to be had in dressing properly.

My mom always used to tell us that class couldn't be bought.

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