Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Education News From Afghanistan: Making Progress

Not so long ago, Afghanistan's ruling Taliban forbad girls from attending school. Since the overthrow of the Taliban, education, especially for girls, has been moving forward:

The progress in Afghanistan (search) over the last three years is undeniable. Approximately 5 million children are now enrolled in school — and 40 percent of them are girls.

"Because education for girls was forbidden by the Taliban, it has come to symbolize freedom and prestige in Afghanistan," she said. "Groups that were especially persecuted by the Taliban, such as the Tajiks and the Hezaras, are now forcefully sending their children to school."

"Although we have about 5 million students, boys and girls, in the primary school, we shouldn't forget that one-third of this figure are girls and it's still 60 percent of the girls within the school age are outside the educational system," said Jalal, who was speaking during a March 8 press conference at the State Department.

Some aid groups say the United States has not done enough to provide a stable environment in which girls can attend school safely. Critics also say the war in Iraq and the ongoing fight against the insurgency there have taken attention and funds away from Afghanistan.

There is much more; read the whole thing right here.
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