Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Welcome To The EduSphere!

It's always exciting to learn of new voices in education. Today, we are adding not just one but two sites to the EduSphere:

BionicTeacher is a site that is written by Tom "W," who is an ex-English teacher soon-to-be technology trainer with a Virginia school district. We are very much looking forward to sharpening our own technology skills as we read what BionicTeacher has to say about the ever-increasing use of applied technology in educational settings.

Education In Texas is written by Mike, who is a science and technology teacher in Texas. Mike writes about a number of education-related topics, with an especial interest in how the "No Child Left Behind Act," and state-mandated high-stakes testing affect public education.
Entries for the 21st edition of The Carnival Of Education are due tonight by 10:00PM (Eastern) 7:00 PM (Pacific). Please send entries to: owlshome [at] earthlink [dot] net. The Carnival's midway should open here at the 'Wonks Wednesday morning.