Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Raising The Bar (Again) In New York State

Related to our recent post about high school exit examinations, we've learned that in the State of New York, students will have to achieve a higher score on their battery of tests (known as the Regents' exams) in order to collect their high school diplomas:
The state Board of Regents announced Tuesday it is raising the bar for high school graduation.

By 2008, students in New York will be required to score at least 65 percent on all five state Regents exams. Right now the Board of Regents allows a passing grade of 55 percent.

The tougher requirements will be phased in over the next four years.

Students entering ninth-grade this fall will have to score at least 65 percent on at least two of the five exams required for graduation. Students must maintain scores of at least 55 percent on the three other tests.

By 2008, scores of at least 65 percent will be required on all five Regents exams.
This may be the start of a trend...
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