Thursday, June 02, 2005

Outrage At Ohio's Mifflin High: Latest News

Michelle Malkin has the latest about the outrageous incident that occurred March 9th at Columbus, Ohio's Mifflin High School. A 16-year-old female mentally disabled student was forced to perform oral sex on two male students while several others watched and one videotaped the incident. (Background information here.)

Even though the crime occurred last March, only now have
felony charges of kidnapping and sexual assault been filed against two of the alleged miscreants perpetrators, Brandyn Hobbs, age 15, and Timothy C. Armistead, 16. Shockingly, the two will be tried as juveniles. If they are convicted as juvenile offenders, the two will serve much less jail time than if they had been convicted as adults.

School administrators originally attempted to cover-up the incident. Mifflin High's principal, Regina Crenshaw, was dismissed from her post but is currently attempting to be reinstated. Her two administrative minions, (One of which attempted to dissuade the victim's father from contacting the police.) have been suspended and reassigned.

I am more than a little curious to know why authorities were so slow in preferring charges against the two accused malefactors assailants. It is my assertion that only the swift and efficient administration of justice serves as an effective deterrent to many would-be criminals.

The current sloth of our court system is an affront to the victims of crimes and serves only to aid criminals in their efforts to evade justice.

Back in December of last year,
we took a look at another assault that happened in an Ohio classroom. This crime was also videotaped by the assailants.
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