Monday, June 13, 2005

Celebrity Justice And The Eye Of The Needle

The porn that was strewn all-over the house at the Neverland "Ranch"didn't matter. Giving kids Jesus Juice didn't matter. The fact that he was a 46-year-old "man" who admitted that he enjoyed sleeping with young boys didn't matter. The fact that he didn't testify in his own behalf didn't matter. Bribing Paying a victim some $23 million not to testify against him in 1993 didn't matter. Wearing pajamas to court didn't matter, and neither did his little moondance atop that SUV outside the courtroom.

The twelve star-struck idiots individuals sitting in the jury box
have found Michael Jackson "not guilty" on all 10 counts. That's what matters.

The verdict notwithstanding, how could any parent have left their child alone with Jackson? Especially after the 1993 accusations. I feel sorry for the kids.

OJ Simpson, Robert Blake, Michael Jackson. In today's America, it's beginning to look like it's easier for that Biblical camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to persuade a jury to convict a Hollyweird Hollywood celebrity of any crime.
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