Saturday, June 11, 2005

The 36 Hour Cross-Continental Express

We are on the road, having left at high noon. It is exactly 2164 miles from our home in Southern California to our summer place in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Tamassee, South Carolina. We call this little road trip, "The Crossing," and we make it four times per year.

Should there be no unexpected surprises, we should arrive Sunday Evening, stopping only for fuel and calories (to go, of course) Since this site has only missed one day of publication since last August, I'm looking forward to posting Sunday evening or Monday morning.

While we are in transit, posting will be light to non-existent. I'll check the site every few hours as circumstances permit.

Meanwhile, here's a little musical interlude that says it all. (Click on the fast-loading link, then sing the lyrics softly, to yourself...) Not only is it a catchy tune, but it has a darned good set of lyrics as well...
"A Summer Place"

There's nothing like a fresh perspective to clear one's head and rejuvenate the soul.
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