Saturday, May 21, 2005

Zero Tolerance Run Amok: School Expels 5-Year-Old

In Austin, Texas, a 5-year-old child brought his grandfather's loaded hand gun to school. He then showed it to several students. Recognizing the danger, a fifth-grader took the gun and turned it in to authorities. Now 71-year-old Wallace Alridge faces a $500 fine and the child is being expelled from school.

I'm all in favor of gramps being held accountable for not securing his weapon. But I've got to call b.s. on the school for expelling the child. The 5-year-old could not possibly have known the consequence of his actions. Many kids that age can't even tie their own shoes.

Clearly, this is another example of "Zero Tolerance Run Amok," as some school administrator is playing C.Y.A.

I hope that the school at least had the common-sense to recognize the fifth-grader for preventing a possible tragedy.

The Endless Faculty Meeting

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