Tuesday, May 24, 2005

When High School Seniors And Principals Go Wild!

Today's "School Prank Report" takes us down into The Sunshine State where a small private school has canceled graduation:

A Volusia County principal has cancelled graduation for seniors because of a series of pranks. The senior class at Lighthouse Christian Academy in DeLeon Springs will now receive their diplomas in the mail.

The principal said it went from senior prank to outright crime when the students broke into the school and vandalized nearly every room, even the chapel. But parents say, the principal is refusing to turn the other cheek.

The student's caps will never cross the stage. Their tassels will never be tossed, all because of a prank.

The entire senior class of Lighthouse Academy, all eight of them, broke into the school Saturday night and left quite a mess. The kids said it was just harmless fun.

"That's why we picked shaving cream, it was harmless," said student Dottie Thomas.

Principal Luke Pearson arrived to find his office moved outside and his school a mess. He said the kids crossed the line.

As punishment, he shut down graduation. No ceremony and diplomas in the mail.

We think that there's more to this story than meets the eye. Teacher Deborah Clark, who is the mother of one of the seniors, consequently lost her teaching position for "going to the media." Principal Pearson didn't stop there. For some reason, he chose to expel Clark's 9-year-old daughter Alexandria, who said:
"I don't understand why I'm getting punished when I didn't do anything," said nine-year-old Alexandra.
We agree with the kid.

Read the
entire story here, and more from another source there.
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