Thursday, May 19, 2005

They're Not Laughing In Pasadena

Today's Idiocy In Education Award goes to the two teachers and two instructional assistants who pulled this stunt down in Texas:

An end of school year prank has four [unnamed] Pasadena educators facing criminal charges and two of them looking for new jobs.

A special needs teacher arrived at McMasters Elementary School Wednesday and found her classroom ransacked and her teaching certificate missing. Police figured out two teachers and two teacher's aides committed the prank.

Pasadena ISD said the prank could have caused problems for the special needs students in that class.

"Special needs students need order and they need something to be the same every day and to have walked into a classroom that was in that kind of disarray would have been problematic for the kids," said Pasadena ISD spokesman Kirk Lewis.

The two teachers have letters of reprimand in their permanent files. One aide resigned and the district fired the other one. All four face charges of disrupting class.

I'm more than a little curious to know why the lower ranking instructional assistants were fired but the teachers were only given letters of reprimand.
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