Thursday, May 19, 2005

Personal Milestone: The Passing Of Frank Gorshin

Like just about every kid I grew-up with, I used to watch re-runs of the Batman television series. All of us kids had our favorite Batman villains. Mine was always The Riddler. I've now learned that Frank Gorshin, the actor who portrayed The Riddler on the original series, has passed on at the age of 72 after a valiant battle with lung cancer.

Gorshin wasn't the only one to play the Caped Crusader's riddling nemesis. In one other Batman episode, John Astin acted the role, and in the recent Batman movies, it was Jim Carey. Both Astin and Carey gave credible performances as The Green One, but Gorshin brought something to the role that the others lacked. Perhaps it was Gorshin's unforgettably maniacal laugh.

I can't help but feel a little uneasy as those that played some role in my childhood memories (yes, even actors) slowly pass from the scene. I begin to feel old. And while some may feel somewhat depressed by getting older, I do not.

To me, getting old is much better than the alternative.

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