Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Moonlighting At The HOtel

Almost everyone knows that most public school teachers don't earn a great deal of money. Of course, there are exceptions. But on the whole, they really don't. So what many teachers do to make ends meet is get a little part time job on the side. Having said that, Las Vegas teacher Edward Kammer probably wasn't using his best judgement when he started moonlighting as the manager of a motel that rents rooms by the hour:

The school district is looking into whether a Clark County schoolteacher should be let go because of his second job. Edward Kammer teaches math at Valley High School. He moonlighted as a manager of the Del Mar motel, which was shut down as part of a prostitution sting.

Police have not charged Kammer with a crime related to prostitution. He was cited last November for possession of marijuana and creating a public nuisance.

Teacher union representatives say it's not uncommon for the school district to investigate allegations before a crime has been proven. Kammer is not in the teachers union; still Executive Director John Jasonek says the whole issue could have been avoided.

Kammer made about $49,000 a year as a teacher and more than $100,000 dollars a year as hotel manager.

Since the sting operation in November of 2004 at the Del Mar motel, the school district has had Kammer on paid administrative leave.

The internal investigation has not finished.

The owner of the Del Mar motel, who is Edward Kammer's father in law, told city council members that he did not know what went on in the property day-to-day. He says that Kammer was in charge of running the motel.

Heh. We wonder if Kammer is in the wrong line of work. Maybe he should have considered full-time work at this establisment.
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