Friday, May 20, 2005

Four Great Reads

Joanne Jacobs has the story of a California school district where all 575 teachers are refusing to select one of their own as Teacher Of The Year. The object of this exercise is to send a message to the Governator that the teachers are unhappy with his proposed plan of merit pay for teachers.

Critical Mass is
covering the story of DePaul University Professor Thomas Klocek who got into a heated argument with a group of pro-Palestinian students. Predictably, they complained to the University's administration who then suspended Klocek without giving him the benefit of a hearing. Klocek isn't taking this lying down, and has some very good friends in his corner...
has the scoop on how Randi Weingarten of the New York City teacher's union has wasted no time claiming credit for a 10 point increase in students' reading scores.

Ms. Frizzle is a science teacher that works with junior high school kids in New York City. She offers some great commentary on those increased reading scores. As one that is actually in the classroom everyday, you shouldn't miss her unique perspective.
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