Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Daily Prank Report: Hold That Dead Possum

'Tis that time of the year again. Students begin pulling what they call "pranks" and what school authorities often call "vandalism."

Several graduating Seniors broke into Georgia's Jonesburo High School and caused some $7000 in damages. Among the "pranks" pulled by these students was the usual spray-painting of graffiti, as well as damage to school facilities. Disturbingly, the malefactors dragged two dead opossums, thought to be roadkill, through the school's cafeteria.

Even though video cameras taped the suspects, they were dressed in black and wearing ski-masks. School spokesman Charles White said that authorities have "some pretty good leads" and that the break-in might have been an "inside job."

Meanwhile, although the cafeteria prepared bag-lunches for students, several chose to call their parents and have food brought to the school.

It remains unknown if the dead opossums are being held as evidence.

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