Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Daily Prank Report: Animalisms

At a high school in Columbia, South Carolina, things are beginning to look a little rustic. From WLTX television:

Goats on the tennis court. Chickens in the stairwell. It happened Monday morning at Dreher High School.

Columbia police are investigating the prank. They say they've identified twelve students who may be behind the animal stunt. So far, no charges have been filed.

Meanwhile, animal control officers are trying to locate the owner or owners of the animals.

They're hoping someone will see the photos and
hilarious video and come forward.

To us, just the thought of all of these live animals running amok in a school is funny. This type of prank is much more in keeping with "the spirit of the times" than some of those that we have profiled in the past few days that were nothing more than acts of vandalism. (Of course, the prank wouldn't seem so funny if we had to clean-up the mess.) Contrast this stunt with that from yesterday which featured dead opossums.

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