Monday, May 23, 2005

Alabama Valedictorian Lays An Egg

In today's example of an end-of-the-year prank that wasn't so funny, we have the sad story of the valedictorian who laid an egg in Montgomery, Alabama:
The valedictorian at Brewbaker Technology Magnet High School won't be allowed to give her speech at Wednesday night’s graduation ceremony because of her involvement in a senior prank.

Seventeen-year-old Ashley Isaac was one of 27 students involved in a senior prank that took place on the night of May 4.

School officials said eggs were thrown on the school and words written on windows in mustard, ketchup and syrup. Toilet paper was also tossed around the school and a sign had been hung that read, "Seniors 05-05-05."

Isaac said she's upset and shocked by the news.

In order for the students involved to participate in graduation ceremonies, they had to serve in-school suspension all week, were not allowed to attend any senior-related activity and had to take all their exams even if they had been previously exempt.

The students also had to take a field trip last week to two Montgomery schools that are in need of repair and compare them with their school that is new.
We don't feel much sympathy for the vandals. These students had a brand-new school, and they thought that it would somehow be hilarious to damage it. These "jokesters" should consider themselves fortunate that the district isn't sending them a bill for the clean-up.

As for the school valedictorian that's not going to be able to give her speech, hopefully she'll learn that actions do have consequences. Perhaps she will even realize that the folks who had to clean-up the mess she and her pals made are probably having the last laugh.
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