Saturday, April 09, 2005

What Do You Think Of This?

Over in Nevada, State Senator Bob Beers of Las Vegas is proposing a law that would require school administrators teach one semester every five years. Not surprisingly, the proposed legislation has caused quite a controversy among school administrators:
Stephen Augspurger, executive director of the Clark County Association of School Administrators, said school administrators are "virtually on the verge of breaking" with new accountability requirements, and "the thing that would put them over the edge was the tone of disrespect that comes from this kind of discussion."
Senator Beers had this to say about the proposal:
He [Beers] said that the term "principal" came from being the "principal teacher" in a school and that administrators should stay in touch with teaching. Too many, particularly in Clark County, have no contact with schools and students, he said.
"I am not convinced the concept of having an administrator teach once in a while is a bad one."
The legislative committee has not yet acted on the proposed law, but Committee Chairman Maurice Washington did say that legislators must keep "chipping away" at the bureaucracy.

Around our eleven-campus elementary school district here in Southern California, we have a number of administrators (including a primary school principal) that could benefit from having some actual classroom teaching experience, especially as they are responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of classroom instructors.

Via: Education Intelligence Agency
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