Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Watcher's Council Has Spoken!

Each and every week, Watcher of Weasels sponsors a contest to see what are the most link-worthy posts from the conservative side of the 'Sphere. The winning entries are determined by a jury of 12 writers (and The Watcher) known as "The Watchers Council."

The Council has met and voted on posts submitted during the week of April 15th. These are the winning entries:

Council Member Entries: China's Time Bombs by The Glittering Eye.

Non-Council Entries: War With China: 2008 - 2010? by The Redhunter.

At this time, there is one open seat on the Watcher's Council. Get more information as well as the application guidelines here.
An Invitation: All writers and readers of education-related posts are invited to contribute to the eleventh edition of The Carnival of Education. Please send your submissions to: owlshome [at] earthlink [dot] net. We should receive your contributions no later than 10:00 PM (Pacific) Tuesday, April 26, 2005. The Carnival midway will open here at the 'Wonks Wednesday morning. Get our easy-to-follow entry guidelines here. View the latest edition of the Carnival there.

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