Sunday, April 10, 2005

Tales From The Trenches: Classroom Teachers Speak

Last Sunday, we visited several of our fellow classroom teachers just for the fun of it. Now that we are in a brand-new week, we thought that it might be a good idea to take another look around:

Dan M. writes over at A History Teacher. He has brought something to our attention
that concerns us greatly. The students of his San Diego area high school had an assembly which featured a presentation by a survivor of the Holocaust. Instead of listening to the lady's presentation, many students chose to sleep, pass notes, eat lunch, and talk into their cell phones. To add injury to insult, the ingrates students left the venue full of trash.

Ms. Frizzle teaches junior high school science.
She is observing some of the sure signs that spring is in the New York air. Here is just one:
Meeting for a drink after work sounds like a great idea... especially if it's someplace with sidewalk seating.
The always engaging Mr. Babylon is reporting that his high school has been having difficulties recruiting competent teachers and has an assistant principal that obviously won't do her job. The consequences of her actions (or lack thereof) have caused grief for students and staff alike. Here is a taste:
She's almost zen-like in her adherence to the path of least resistance. When she does flex her puny administrative muscle to forbid teachers from using her mini-fridge or keeping their coats or papers in the office...
Nicole, over at Post-hip chick, is hurriedly preparing for a mysterious 47 hour trip to Mexico soon... hmm. (The Wonk family lived for seven years in Mexico. We could give her a few pointers, but finding out on your own is half the fun...) What on earth is a waxer?

Clarence, who teaches several hundred miles north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, has just returned to the classroom following a vacation to sunny Las Vegas. His site, Remote Access, tells us that his
eighth grade class is about to begin a unit in Medieval history. He is looking for some input from history buffs and others.

Bill, up in Idaho, has a site called The Endless Faculty Meeting. He has a variety of informative posts, including one about the
large number of colleges that are offering classes to high school students. Who would have guessed?

Over at Social Studies, Abigail
offers some good practical advice for getting back into the teaching groove after a vacation. She has been feeling a little down recently, and we hope that she feels better soon.

Here at The Education Wonks, we take a look at a sixth-grade counterfeiting ring which gives new meaning to the term "lunch money."
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