Monday, April 11, 2005

Some (Possibly) Good News For New York City's Teachers

Today's New York Times is reporting that a commission is recommending pay increases and additional training for the City's teachers. These include an overall raise, as well as larger pay hikes for those teachers who choose to work in underperforming schools:

In a report to be released today, the panel recommends spending $658.7 million a year to raise teacher salaries over all by 3 percent and to raise the salaries of teachers in certain low-performing schools an additional 23 percent; those teachers would in turn be required to teach for 11 months. The panel also suggests that $403 million be spent annually to give all new teachers one period of professional development a day, and that as much as $233.3 million go toward a program in which excellent teachers would spend half their time training others, and earning 10 percent to 15 percent more.

The panel also says $783.6 million should be spent each year to reduce all class sizes.

The panel consisted of a group of 12 volunteers and included parents, educators, children's advocates, and a representative of the teachers union.

Even though the panel has made its recommendations, these recommendations are not binding upon the city or the union. Pay increases, if any, are dependent upon the collective bargaining process.

Contract negotiations between the
Department of Education and the United Federation of Teachers have been stalled for some time, and have resulted in an escalation of ill-will between the parties. In a recent job-action, multitudes of teachers were absent due to "calling-in Catholic."
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