Friday, April 01, 2005

Liar, Liar, Résumé On Fire: Mike Maloney Of Spring Branch, Texas

How does a person without an advanced degree get a job in the educational bureaucracy when the position requires a graduate degree? The Houston Chronicle tells us the secret: The person claims to have a degree from a College that doesn't exist:
A former Spring Branch Independent School District administrator has pleaded guilty after being accused of a misdemeanor for lying on his résumé.

Harris County Judge James Anderson sentenced Maloney to a year of probation with deferred adjudication, community service and a $750 fine. Anderson also ordered Maloney to write a letter of apology to Spring Branch ISD.

Mike Maloney's plea last week comes more than five months after he resigned from his position with the school district, where he had worked since 2002 as the associate superintendent for facilities.

In his 2002 district application, Maloney had said he had a bachelor's degree and a master's degree from Cal Southern University, court records show. No such school exists.

This guy lies on an employment application for service in public schools thereby committing a criminal act. He gets the job, and draws an annual salary of probably more than $125,000. He works for three years before being discovered and forced to face criminal charges.

Maloney only got caught when his subordinates became concerned at his obvious lack of expertise in supervising the letting of contracts.

And all this clown man gets is a $750 fine, a misdemeanor rap on his record, and is required to write a letter of apology? No jail time? No restitution?

Talk about a slap on the wrist.

Maybe Mike Maloney, liar and convicted felon crook is also "friends" with Harris County Judge James Anderson.

Apparently, Maloney was hired because he is "friends" with Ex-superintendent Yvonne Katz, who herself was forced to resign her $250,000 per year job last August amid charges of improper conduct involving an energy savings firm. In fact,
her shenanigans resulted in the passage of a new state statute to address the corruption problem.

Superintendent Yvonne Katz "brought" Maloney with her when she moved from Beaverton, Oregon, in 2002.

It looks like Beaverton Oregon, sent it's problems "down to Texas." They're probably still doing handstands and high-fiving each other.
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