Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Highly Effective Lesson To Be Learned

Back on March 9th, substitute teacher Chris Bochin, aged 22, was arrested for smoking marijuana with five ninth graders while in an Earth Science class at Fresno High School. Bochin, who obviously isn't the "sharpest tool in the shed," had sent two students to retrieve the marijuana and a pipe from his car. The six then lit-up in the classroom. Other students that were in the room declined to join-in.

Students that smelled the burning drug then alerted their peers by sending cell phone text messages. A teacher learned of the illegal drug use when one student's cell phone was confiscated due to in-class use.

The police came to the school and arrested Bochin. The students were suspended for five days each.

has now apologized for his monumental lack of judgment by publishing a letter (not available in its entirety) in the local newspaper:
"It was the worst thing I've ever done, but in a way, the resultant shame and embarrassment I felt might just save my life in the long run,"Bochin wrote to The Fresno Bee. "I was entrusted with young minds, given the opportunity to teach and to lead by example," he wrote. "But when things got tough, I violated that trust, teaching them a horrible lesson and proving myself the worst possible example."
Apparently, Bochin had been smoking the drug for the past five years. Since his arrest, he has enrolled in a drug rehabilitation program. Bochin is scheduled for a preliminary hearing May 5th.

In most California school districts, all that is needed in order to substitute teach is a degree, a background check, and passing a test in English and math that is written at the ninth-grade level.
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