Friday, April 08, 2005

Academia And The Common Rascal

I believe that I once saw a movie where one of the characters said that the First Amendment of the United States Constitution was not designed to protect the speech that you love, but to protect the speech that you hate.

We agree with that.

So around here, we've always promoted the "Free exchange of thoughts and ideas."

Having said that, this lying fraud "Professor" Ward Churchill of The University of Colorado needs to be held accountable by being fired from his sinecure post. He should not be dismissed for his
despicable words, but for lying claiming (in order to get a job) to be a member of an ethnic group that has publicly disowned him, and for plagiarizing the scholarly work of others.

Since the man has no shame, it's not likely that he will resign. And since
tenure makes it all but impossible to fire the miscreant man, his misdeeds will probably go unpunished.

Tenure was designed to allow educators to have the freedom to publish (or speak) unpopular thoughts and ideas.

It was never designed to protect common rascals such as Churchill.
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