Monday, March 28, 2005

Which Fork Should I Use, Ma'am?

This is something that we like. Teenagers in Fresno, California are signing up to study, of all things, table manners and other etiquette:

Sitting at an elegant dining table at a country club, 17-year-old Katie Allen can't decide what to do with the long green bean poised on her fork. The answer comes from the head of the table.

"The faux pas would be to eat it like that," etiquette expert Joy Weaver said.
So Katie and six others — mostly teens — learn the proper thing to do is cut the green bean into smaller portions, eating one bite at a time.

Their etiquette primer covered a variety of lessons: that bread should be eaten by tearing off bites and the proper distance one should be from the table — a hand's width.

The cost of learning one's manners doesn't come cheap. Parents pay $175 per student for a two-hour session that includes up to nine students. Please read the whole thing here.
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