Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tales From The Trenches: Thoughts From Classroom Teachers

Mr. Babylon has caught a very tough break. The administration in his Bronx, New York high school has (apparently at random) forced him to switch classes and students. Now Mr. Babylon must re-establish rapport with a whole new group of students. (I don't think that any school administration should ever subject a teacher to this kind of treatment.)

Ms. Frizzle, who also teaches in the Bronx (but in an altogether different school environment) has
some excellent thoughts on what makes for the most effective teachers. She is also wrestling with the perennial teachers' dilemma on how to motivate students to complete their assignments.

had a weird dream. In his dream, Polski imagined that he was at a political rally where everyone was equating the No Child Left Behind Act with the Five Year Plans of Stalinist Russia. Polski is looking forward to spring break.

Nicole, who writes over at Post-hip chick, was talking to a group of kids in her classroom when one of them blurted out, "I have A.D.H.D.!!!" (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) The whole class than
chorused something that you really ought to read....

A basketball coach in Ukiah, California, Coach Brown is
telling everyone about how the government in Mendicino County actually petitioned the state of California to certify the county's marijuana crop as organic.

Darren, who teaches in Sacramento, California, has let the California Teachers Association
know his thoughts on yet another dues increase where the rank-and-file have no say and no vote.
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