Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Notes From The Education Underground: The TeachWonk Diaries

Just Another Brick...
The principal of Middletown Junior High School, Mr. Phish, declared that yesterday was officially "Nerd Day." What this meant was that students, who ordinarily wear a blue and white uniform, were allowed to "dress up" as "nerds."

All day long, a number of 12-14 year-olds went parading about with their mis-matched socks, pants pulled high, and madras shirts and shorts.

There was just one problem. It was mostly the "popular kids" (they call themselves this) that dressed as "nerds." The popular kids are the "in" clique of good-looking, stylish, athletic, college-bound students that are from (mostly) affluent backgrounds. This particular clique may be found in most small-town school environments. Membership in the clique is by invitation-only.

Naturally, the Popular Kids spent most of the day teasing students that were labeled long ago as "nerdy." For the targets of this ridicule, it was a miserable day.

Of course,
Mr. Phish and his Phavorites think that all of this "good clean fun" is hilarious, as they have made the staff of the tight little world of Middletown Junior High School into a kind of mirror image of a high school environment with themselves as "the popular kids."

How much do you want to bet that there won't be any school day set aside for mocking the "popular kids," jocks, or cheerleaders?
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