Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Kid's Cocaine Candy Wasn't Dandy

In some Chicago schools, it would appear that candy has a somewhat different definition for a least one first grade student:

A first-grader brought dozens of little bags of crack cocaine to his Chicago Heights elementary school Friday and began passing them out to classmates, calling them "candy," officials said Sunday.

Adults at Lincoln School, which has fewer than 200 students in kindergarten through eighth grades, learned what was going on through other kids and alerted police.

Nobody apparently was hurt in the incident. But a person familiar with the situation was angry with the response by police, saying that "somebody could have been hurt because they didn't go around and talk to kids about it" and make sure all drugs were recovered.

However, Chicago Heights District 170 Supt. Dollie Helsel said that "all bases were covered, truly," and she's confident "anything that was given out was retrieved."

Apparently, the dope came from a member of the child's family who was selling on the streets.
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