Monday, March 21, 2005

An Interesting Proposal

The National School Boards Association publishes its own weblog. The site is called "Board Buzz," and makes for some informative reading. In their entry for last Friday, the 'Buzz proposed making Election Day a school holiday. The holiday would only be observed during those years when elections for President and Congress occur. (In other words, every two years.)

We like the proposal, because we think that it would increase voter turnout, (a little) but the primary reason would be so that school facilities could more easily be used as polling places.

Teachers would not get a "free paid day" as we receive compensation for a set number of days each school year.

But...what we like even more is the idea of changing election day to Saturday or Sunday (As it is in much Europe and the state of Louisiana.) Of course this would necessitate amending the United States Constitution, which is something (it seems) we've forgotten how to do.

Changing Election Day to Saturday or Sunday would serve to substantially increase voter turnout, and there would be little or no incremental cost to the schools.
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