Friday, March 25, 2005

I Am Amazed To Learn This...

Who would have thought that down in the Loan Star State paddling is still used as a disciplinary tool? Well, it looks like the days of corporal punishment are numbered, at least in the Dallas public school system:
Dallas school trustees may soon adopt a policy that bans corporal punishment.

The board is expected to vote on the proposed policy at its March 31 meeting. Trustees voted in December on a two-month moratorium on corporal punishment to allow administrators time to provide alternatives to discipline students.

Those alternatives were presented to trustees at Wednesday night's committee of the whole meeting. The options included providing in-school suspension at all elementary schools, placing a greater emphasis on counseling and guidance services, and continuing the implementation of violence-prevention activities and skill-building programs.

Trustee Ron Price, who favors paddling, said, "I'm really a little nervous about the policy."

"I don't think we have enough counselors" to provide other forms of discipline, he said.

So... let me see if I understand this clearly. Dallas may not do away with paddling because they don't have enough counselors........ hmm.
Maybe the solution might be to hire a few more counselors?

Or perhaps the governing board of the Dallas school system should go ahead with its plans to develop some other forms of discipline that don't involve the application of finished lumber to the posterior of students.
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