Saturday, March 19, 2005

Food Tasters...

A few days ago, we profiled student lunches from around the world. Over in Utah, they are at least trying to address the perennial problem that has confronted "cafeteria ladies" for decades: What can I feed the kids that they will eat?

Barbecue turkey, breakfast sticks, brownies. All were a hit Friday among the state's most distinguishing palates: kids.

About 200 children, teens and grown-ups gave mostly "smiley faces" to the latest edibles offered at the fourth-annual school lunch fare fair, where kids cast the deciding votes on whether new lunch items hit next year's menu or bite the dust.

They gathered their top picks — all meeting nutritional standards and reasonable costs — for the student tasting fair.

There, students from Alpine, Box Elder, Cache, Carbon, Emery, Jordan, Logan, Murray, Ogden, Provo, Sevier and Tooele districts became the ultimate judges.

Students donned official T-shirts and carried clipboards and scorecards to chime in on a variety of delectables, from fruit juice to smoothies, meatballs to tamales.

Surprisingly, the article stated that the kids didn't give any of the foods that were offered above a "thumbs-down." There was no information available concerning students' preferences for broccoli or spinach.
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